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Meet the Photographer

My name is Eshan Jain. I am a teen entrepreneur who has a passion for photography and the captivating effect with which it entrances people. That is my business. I love the techniques one can use and the sheer pulchritude produced by the 'elusive' perfect photo. To get a photo to communicate the emotion, tone, and mood with no words is such a tricky thing to be able to achieve, but the masterful dexterity that one feels when it is done is supernatural. Should my passion and dedication to the art not suffice to persuade you, you may be asking the question, "Why, why am I choosing you out of all the photographers?"

I have always striven for perfection with an unquenchable thirst to succeed. I turn my head until I can see a situation in a different way. I have always taken a shot at the impossible and tried until it became possible. Instead of being too liberally experimental with my pictures or too conservative, I find the right balance where math and scientific correctness meet the artistic license of a seasoned experimentalist. 

Resume: Besides having taken my family's Christmas photos for the past couple of years, I took a semester class in Photography at my school, The Vanguard School, and I spent 6 weeks taking photography classes at the Bemis School Of Art.

Most photographers charge exorbitant sums of money for a shot. I was first exposed to this many years ago and have since tried to find a way to make it more accessible, hence, where I am now. 

I am a golfer, skier, mountain biker, animal lover, and photographer. But for me, this is not a job. This is zeal and an ardent passion. This is photography. 


What Clients Are Saying

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Ryan & Michelle

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